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 Posted: Mon Aug 29th, 2016 07:59 pm
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So had my transplant this weekend at Vinci in Harley Street with Dr Nikolaos Zakynthinakis Kyriakou. All was very professional, right from the consultation through to the surgery. Consultation with Paul, very knowledgable and not at all pushy. I also spoke with Philip on here and he was also very helpful. I wanted some slight improvements to my hairline and some areas filling in, in my beard. It was recommend I'd need around 1500 grafts, I opted for FUE. I was concerned 1500 might not be enough but all involved assured me it was the correct amount.
I have no real signs of continued hairloss, my hairline has never been great but has gotten gradually worse as I've gotten older

I was impressed by the Dr and his team who looked after me on the day of the surgery. I was there around 9-10 hours.

Here's my hair before, as I usually wear it. Yea, it looks fine.

Pulled back to show my hairline. 

I wanted some areas filling in on my beard, mainly the chin area.

Day 1 post op, just removed the bandage from the donor area.

I figured I'd be able to walk out of the clinic with my hair brushed forward to cover the transplant but the dr recommended I leave my hair scraped back for at least 3 days so not to disturb the grafts. Obviously I'm following the aftercare procedure to a tee.