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 Posted: Tue Jan 10th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Hi there. A happy SMP customer here! :) I wanted to share my experience for those that are interested as it took me around 1yr of thinking and research to come to a decision to book SMP. I had been going thin and my hairline receding from an early age but having longer hair for a few years meant I could cover it up but it became harder to maintain! I had started to opt for a shorter cut and although it looked smarter I was aware of my receding hairline and wanted to do something about it.I didn't want to tell many people and wanted the changes to be small to start with and to build on them, I was also a little nervous about the treatment. After my initial consultation with Andra from HIS I felt a lot better, she knew all the key points I was concerned about and I left feeling relaxed about getting treatment. The treatment itself is pretty much pain free and my first session went smoothly. One of my concerns was how it would look for the first day or so after the treatment as I read that it will look dotty and red. Skin types will react in a different way I guess but immediately after the first session I was surprised. My head was red in places and there were some visible dots but nothing like I expected. I stayed out of view for the rest of that day and most of the second day but by the end of the second day the redness had pretty much gone and the dots not really visible unless really close. From day 3 I carried on as normal but didn't cut the hair again for a few more days.For the second session Andra increased the density and we change the hairline to be a little lower which worked for me. After the second treatment I kept a low profile for a day but everything seemed to heal up a bit faster so by the afternoon of day 2 I was pretty much back to normal.I have since gone back for a 3rd treatment as I was not quite brave enough with the hairline so have changed that slightly otherwise I must say I am so happy and relieved that I have done this. There appeared to be many companies offering the service. I made my decision on the forums, reviews and pictures. Hopefully my story and pictures will help someone else. If anyone has questions please let me know. I am not online often but will get back eventually.Otherwise enjoy the photos, I hope they show the key points for all. However I took loads of photos each day so if anyone wants to see what it looked like after X number of days or anything please message me.

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