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 Posted: Thu Nov 29th, 2018 06:51 am
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Both males and females are facing the problem of hair loss. Hair loss could b diffused hair loss, patterned hair loss and baldness. People facing such problems are low at self-esteem and self confidence. There are multiple reasons behind hair loss. It could be stress, hereditary, genetic diseases, some severe infections, psychological problems and scalp condition.
We need to find the reason behind the hair loss and then have to go for the hair loss treatment 
Different treatment options are available for both males and females.The treatment options could be:
  1. Two drugs Rogain which is topical minoxididil and Propecia which is finasteroid are approved drugs from FDA to cure pattern hair loss or hair loss because to hereditary causes.
  2. PRP Therapy
  3. Hair Replacement procedures or hair transplant
  4. Micro Grafting
  5. Slit Grafting
  6. Punch Grafting
  7. Scalp Reduction

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 Posted: Fri Dec 7th, 2018 12:07 pm
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Nice post...As far as the type of hair transplant concerns, There are two methods used for transplant.
1. FUT/Strip Excision
2. FUE hair transplant
In both methods, hairs are extracted from donor area(generally back of ur head) and transplanted to the bald area. The difference is in the way of extracted grafts and the level of scarring. FUE is a new and innovative way of hair transplant. It results in minimal scarring.

Affordable Hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh- Kabera Global
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