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Dr Jean Devroye, HTS Clinic / 3155 FUT / 1 session - Dr. Jean Devroye - Hair Transplant Doctors - Click on a Doctors name to view their results - Hairloss Experiences Hair Loss Forum  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Jun 1st, 2017 04:17 pm
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Dr Devroye
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✓ 29 years old, NW IIIv, losing hair since the age of 21, with a hair loss history in his family.

✓ Taking Minoxidil 5%, once per day.

✓ Thin hair.

✓ Fragile follicular units.

✓ Normal % of hair in telogen phase.


The patient wanted a FUE surgery, but based on his excellent donor density and large recipient area to be covered I suggested him to undergo a FUT, transplanting the maximum number of follicular units in one, single session, in order to restore patient’s temple corners, upper mid-scalp and crown.

Finally, the density shown is natural and homogeneous and the patient is very satisfied about the results he has obtained 10 months after the surgery. If his hair loss continue, he will need to consider a second session to complete the work.


✓ 3155 grafts

✓ Technique: FUT

✓ Incisions: 30-35/cm2, performed by Dr. Devroye

✓ Grafts Breakdown:
☞ 312 Single FUT grafts
☞ 1587 Double FUT grafts
☞  913 Triple FUT grafts
☞ 343 Quadruple FUT grafts

✓ Total number of Hair: 7597

✓ Average Hair/Graft: 2.40

Dr. Jean Devroye

Last edited on Tue Jul 4th, 2017 09:51 am by Dr Devroye

Dr. Jean Devroye
HTS Clinic - Bruxelles
+32 2 880 70 60
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 Posted: Thu Jun 1st, 2017 11:35 pm
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4 awesome repairs with SMG

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Blown away! this looks awesome, the work looked super clean in the placement pics and the end result is incredible. The surgery has really made a big overall  difference to this guys hair.
His donor looks to be in good shape many more grafts would you estimate he has in reserve should he need any down the line?
Thanks for sharing with us¬b`

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