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The steps to clean and clean a wig - Hairloss Wigs and Toupees - Hairloss Medications and Non Surgical Hair Restoration - Hairloss Experiences Hair Loss Forum  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Jun 22nd, 2017 03:44 am
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The steps to clean and clean a wigUse a wig special comb, comb the wig (steel teeth comb), MM attention, curly hair, in addition to bangs and head straight place, other places where the volume of the best hand is straightened out, can not use a comb.Soak a wig in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Time can not be too long, too long, the hair is easy to fall offThe first global good wig wig on the special bracket, and then put a pot of water (usually with cold water, if MM cold winter can not higher than 30 DEG C, washing line), then add water mix use washing liquid special wig, remember do not scrub oh. Only need to gently grasp the hair can be Kazakhstan by hand, after all we own real hair or a wig with different HA, can not be easily torn.After washing, change a basin of water, clean it with clean water, and then rinse it out with a special care liquid for the wig( the washed wig on the special rack for the wig, and dry the water on the wig with a dry towel (2 - 3 pieces).After the towel dries the water, wait until it is dry on the shelf. Put it in a cool place and dry naturally, not sun.

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