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“Female Hair Line Lowering By Eugenix” // 2500 grafts // Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Mrs. Singh, a 70 years old lady had got frontal fibrosing alopecia, FFA, which was stable. She was diagnosed based upon the clinical history and biopsy. It was stable for ten years. We took the case up and we did 2500 grafts on the front and we did less density than normal - around 25 to 30 grafts per sqm were planted and after 7 months the results started growing and by 1 year it was amazing. We have been following her up for the last 3 years and the results have been consistent.

Hair restoration is not only an option for men, but also women. Surgical hair restoration is a great option for women born with naturally high hairlines as well.To summarize, one has to make the right diagnosis and you have to ensure that there is no disease activity for many years. If you do less density and you follow the patient up, then it would ensure a long-lasting result. This is our experience.