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0 to 8 months After - FUE Result for 3075 grafts – HDC Hair Clinic



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This is a class 3 patient with some thinning up to the class 4 stage. He wanted to add more density to the front thinner area and enhance the less thin area behind. This was achieved by an FUE Hair transplant of 3075 grafts. See his before and after as well as his post op and intermediate growth stage.

He has good donor characteristics and no potential for high Norwood Class; he is 38 years old thus making him a very good hair transplant candidate.

You can see the clean work of the extraction, on his post op donor photo.

HDC is extracting with great care with spreading the punching all over the donor area and leaving the surrounding hair intact for every punch. This leaves the donor with minimal scarring and with uniform density, thus avoiding over extracted areas in the donor. To achieve this, you need to employ the right technique and to make the work patiently and this is why we need two days to finish an FUE surgery of 3000 – 4000 grafts.

Additionally, by employing this technique we can yield more grafts from a given donor because we avoid excessive trauma and damage of adjacent grafts.

You can see more information about Donor Harvesting in our article on this link https://www.hairtransplants-hdc.com...-depletion-of-the-donor-in-large-fue-sessions

See the result below:


Immediately after

1 Month after

3 Months after

8 Months after



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Nice work that HDC.... Donor still looks very thick too after having the 3075 grafts removed.

Thanks for sharing