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10 Years Proscar Results.



Sheepish Member

I used to post on this forum approx. 10 years ago when I first started to notice my hairline maturing, I was 28 years old.. It was a useful source of information and I jumped on Proscar at that time. You don't see many before Fin and 10 years after Fin results on the Internet. So I thought I would post my results/experience. Not sure if it's of any use to anyone, but I thought I would post anyway.

So today I'm obviously 38 years old. Wow where did that 10 years go. My dad is NW7, my brothers in their 40's are both NW7's and were by the time they were 30. My Grandad was a NW7 (Fathers side).My mothers side of the family are NW2's.(Uncles & Grandad).

Like I said I've been on Fin 10 years. Never had any side effects. My hairline as you can see in the pics has matured. The past three years. I've added biotin, Multi Vitamins, MSM, Saw Palmetto & Minoxidil (Once a Day),Derma rolling (Twice A Week) to the regime. I also added Pumpkin Seed Oil, but my balls hurt, so I stopped that. So I take all sorts which hopefully isn't doing me any long term damage. Today, I continue to recede very slowly, I have regular haircuts which makes my hair look better (I Think).

I have thought about having a HT a lot lately to fill in my temples. However, when I go watch the football (Wolves Fan) I see most people in their 50's are NW6 & 7's (Just an observation) and with my family history it may be too risky.

I have had a couple of consultations in London with Dr Lupanzula and Bisanga over the past year. They were really nice guys and didn't really give you any BS and weren't pushy. I thought Dr Lupanzula was especially nice and very meticulous in the consult. My donor density's differed slightly between the docs for some reason 90 FU's per cm2 vs 80 FU's per cm2. Both thought 1800 FU's would achieve the desired result. To be fair I would trust either Docs with my head.

Today, there are a couple of new treatments in Phase 3, so I'm hopeful that one of these can at least stop progression and then I would defiantly get a HT.

The first image is 10 years ago (Which I've grabbed off this forum). The rest are take today. Keep the faith :)




You don't need a transplant if you ask me, your hair looks to have stayed the course thanks to Proscar. Does anyone in your family ever question why you haven't gone bald yet?


You hair looks fine. I don't think you need a Hair Transplant Treatment.