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12 months - 2,348 grafts - Dr. Paul Shapiro



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Hello HLE. I'm new to the forum. Just wanted to share my 1 year result with you guys.

It has been almost 12 months since I €™ve had my transplant of 2,348 grafts/4,258 hairs with Dr. Paul Shapiro at SMG. This procedure was somewhat of a repair job as I had a below average transplant one year prior and was left with cobblestone-like bumps and 2/3 haired grafts in the hairline. It was only passable when I caked on the dermmatch and combed my hair forward to cover the hairline. Fortunately, constructing hairlines with concealers is a thing of the past as I am very pleased with the results. I €™ll will attempt to describe my situation in detail.

My hairline is far more natural now. As you can see in the immediate post-ops, Dr. Paul punched out a few 2/3 haired grafts from my hairline. Now I only have 1 hair grafts in the hairline which gives it a much softer appearance. The new hairs from this transplant do not have the bumps (cobblestoning, pitting, hyperactive oil glands?) that I got with my previous surgeon. The hairs exiting the scalp look very natural. SMG is well known for their hairline work and I can see why.

The density is much improved overall as you can clearly see from my top down shots. I do not have to apply any concealers in the frontal third anymore, which is a HUGE relief. Once in awhile I €™ll dab some Nanogen in the front but only for important occasions (weddings, nights out, etc). The appearance of density depends a bit on lighting. The comments I €™ve gotten range from €œyou have a full head of hair € to €œyour hair looks a little thin €. Funny thing is they are both kind of right! I still keep out an eye for fluorescent lights and the sun on a clear day. My frontal tuft holds up very well in extreme lighting but the temples not as much. This will be addressed in my next surgery.

With my first procedure by another surgeon, the donor was taken pretty high, probably outside the safe zone. Dr. Paul took a much lower strip out for my second procedure. It has healed to my liking. I could shave down to a 5 guard and no one would notice it. Dr. Paul feels that the scar is a little too wide and he was a perplexed as my trichophytic closure was normal. I did fight off an infection in the first couple weeks of recovery but this could just boil down my physiology. I still have scars from hernia surgeries I had from years ago (10 years and 20 years),so I just might be the scarring type. Either way, the donor scar doesn €™t bother me now one bit and doesn €™t really affect the way I cut my hair.

Dr. Paul and I discussed the strategy for my next procedure in June 2011. He will aim for 2,000 grafts., transplanting the temple region going behind frontal tuft (sort of a U shape),and also the crown. I do use a lot of dermmatch and nanogen for the crown right now and it is somewhat of a flat spot.

Dr. Paul said I have approximately 4,000 grafts left for strip procedures and that I still have good donor laxity. We might do a double-layer closure next time around instead of a trichophytic closure to see if it heals better. Unfortunately, my scar situation is a little complex because of my poor first procedure. We could try to take out one of my scars with the next procedure but then my graft total would be limited. Janna did mention that we could shoot for a larger graft total and then do a scar revision if I need it down the road.

With all of the knowns and unknowns of hair transplantation, it sure is a good feeling to be connected with a clinic that I completely trust. They are straight shooters at SMG and that €™s why I appreciate them. Of course, great results don €™t hurt either. ;)



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Awesome! its great to see you on here dude, that hairline is great..its good to know you have 4000 in the bank and i like your plan for the next stage with Dr Paul. Im so glad you are getting things sorted after your first procedure and we both know your in great hands at SMG.

Regards bn;)


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Great seeing you again, Aaron. It's so nice when we can do "follow ups" in person. You always had realistic expectation and goals. You've really come along, not too much left to achieve your ht goals. Fingers crossed the meds keep holding onto native hairs. We'll see you next year. Thanks for sharing your experience and results on the ht forums. All the best.


Great result Aaron and nice write up dude, looks really natural and IMHO you went to the best there is so its no surprise that your results for so few grafts is excellent.

Top banana result dude ;-)


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Hi Aaron.

Welcome to the forum.

Your result looks very natural,the hairline is great.It matches the rest of your hairs density perfectly.

Your hairstyle suits you well.

Cheers bm.