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1314 grafts FUE Long Hair with Dr Koray Erdogan



Good evening everyone,

I would like to share my experience about the surgery i had in 2016 in Asmed Istanbul, performed by Dr Koray Erdogan and his team. It is not my first operation with the clinic as i received about 1500 grafts in 2007 in the temple and front areas with good results. I am using Finasteride since 2001 with good results as well.

This operation was quite different from the first one as it was performed without shaving any part of the hair. The technique is called Long Hair FUE and its performed with some special punches allowing for long hair extraction.

The implantation plan included the densification of the frontal part and a slight redesign of the hairline and temple peaks.

This is some data of the surgery:

Transplanted area 30 cm2

367 single grafts
669 double grafts
253 triple grafts
10 multiple grafts

Hair per graft average 1.93


Your hair looks amazing in the photo's. What kind of hairloss situation was you in prior to your two transplants at Asmed?


Thanks, before the operations i was a NW2 with a deep U shaped receding frontline, especially to the right side. I will try to find a picture.


Staff member
Hi C. McWeather. Thanks for sharing your story with the forum. Your hair looks great. Your donor looks very good too.
To any readers, I`ve met him in person and his results look very natural.
You`ve been on Finasteride for a long time, nearly 20 years. Do you think it still works well for you? Some people claim it loses its effectiveness over time.