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1800 FUE



1800 Graft FUE Hair Transplant Blonde Hair at The Glasgow Clinic 0 to 9 month

Here is a little bit about my experience of a 1800 Graft FUE Hair Transplant at The Glasgow Clinic.

Having researched various Hair Clinics in the UK, it was clear that whilst the majority of them are very professional there are others that I would most definitely avoid! With this in mind I contacted The Glasgow Clinic for a consultation. The Glasgow Clinic had nothing but great reviews, plenty of success stories and several high profile study cases.

Initial consultation was carried out by Fraser and whilst I had done a lot of research, Fraser talked me through the process from start to finish and answered any concerns I had. A realistic number of grafts was agreed and a very rough hairline was marked marked out to give me an idea of what to expect if I was to proceed... Given that I had been unhappy with my hairline for a number of years, I had no hesitation in requesting that I placed on the waiting list for a 1700/1800 FUE procedure.

3 Months prior to the procedure I started to get my hair cut very short (number 3 and 4 guard),the thought being that it would reduce the shock factor when it all had to be cut off prior to the procedure. It would be fair to say that I was even unhappier with my shorter hair, however, the thought of gaining a new hairline in a few months time made it a little easier.

On the morning of the procedure I met the remaining members of the team, who put me at ease, or at least tried their very best! Before pictures were taken and the remainder of my hair was cut down to what must have been a zero guard.

The procedure was carried out throughout the reminder of the morning/afternoon and was complete by around 1730. It was completely painless and I did not feel and discomfort other than having to remain fairly still for the majority of the day, with the exception of a short break for lunch. I was given a selection of DVD's to keep myself occupied and time seemed to pass fairly quickly.

On completion I was given very clear after care instructions, these included, but not limited to:
  • Keeping the recipient/donor area wetted with the spray bottle provided.
  • Protective hat to protect the grafts for the first 24hrs
  • No wearing of hats for the 1[sup]st[/sup] 2weeks
  • Washing daily with mild medicated shampoo

0-2 months post procedure was a difficult time to say the least! Not helped by the short January days and having to come out of hiding for Christmas to face family and friends and pretend I was just fine, in reality, I didn't really want to face anyone except my girlfriend who was amazingly supportive throughout. I had a slight panic during the 1[sup]st[/sup] 4 weeks, I was aware the most of the transplanted grafts grow for up to 2 weeks and then shed, but in my case, the initial growth spurt was far thicker on the left hand side, perhaps some of the grafts didn't initially grow on the right hand side but they did so eventually sometime later. I was fortunate that I did not need to return to work until 4 weeks post op, however, even then I was getting plenty of remarks about how short my hair was and in my case the redness did not fully subside until the 4 month mark had passed, something I had anticipated due to my fare skin and blonde hair. During this period I commenced using Regaine Hair Foam for a period of 6 weeks but very quickly stopped when I became apparent that it was turning my hair much darker.

2-4 months was easier because I could begin to see the results from 3 months onwards.

The rest they say is history and I am absolutely delighted with the 9 month result and my thanks goes to everyone at The Glasgow Clinic for the amazing work they carry out and would absolutely recommend them to anyone else who is considering having this procedure. My only regret is I shouldn't have left it so long!

First picture is prior to procedure



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Hi Alan

Welcome to the forum, great write up as well.

Can I ask what was your final graft number? We're u on any medication before the procedure I.e finasteride, minoxidil?

I'm currently doing my research into HT's just now and this is a clinic I would definitely consider in the near future, during your consultation did you see many previous patient testimonies? Also, awesome result man, the new hairline really frames your face well I would be really happy with it, well done!