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2000 Grafts to the Front Dr Arshad 10 month Progress Update- Density Lacking?



Hi guys,

I meant to do this months ago but lost most of my progress pics when my laptop died.

The day of the op has been covered in great detail by a bunch of the members on here so I'm not going to go into it now- although if you're thinking of having a transplant and have any questions please fire away!

I'm just over 10 months in from the HT today and wanted to get some opinions about my progression. A decent amount of hairs have grown, although the transplanted areas still very much look like they're badly receding. I've grown my hair out over the last year so it's pretty long right now- I wouldn't be able to have a shorter haircut or style my hair up without the bald areas being obvious.

One thing I think is relevant is that I do seem to lose a lot of hair when I put shampoo on and tidy my hair in the morning. I do take care to be gentle but inevitably I seem to lose a good 30 hairs minimum each time, which I can't help. Some of them are from the transplanted areas.

I've been on finasteride and minoxidil since the operation (regaine about a month later). Can't say I have really noticed much from them but who knows, they've probably helped maintain or slow the shedding! I've not had any sides from fin.

Any views or feedback would be appreciated- I've been lurking in the forum for a while. I found Dr Arshad partially from the glowing reviews and write-ups listed on here!

Last 2 pics were taken today, the 3 before that are from the end of March (7months in).

20200627_160708 - Copy.jpg


Staff member
Hi TBH. Losing around 30 hairs when washing your hair is quite normal. We shed hairs every day and when washing, this helps them on their way.
At 10 months you have a chance of some thickening and growth but I don`t think it would be enough to make much of a difference but you never know. You will need to speak with the clinic to see what they say. At 12 months you can be assessed by them if you`re able to visit the clinic.