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2100 fue transplant Dr gokhan gur



I can definetley see both off your points for it being unnescary.

When I originally booked it i had long hair and had done probably from the age off 15 or thereabouts around age 17 I realised my hair line was receding and going back.

Approximately one month before booking I shaved my hair down to a grade 2 and was quite surprised at my level of loss in a good way.

Having the long hair probably exgagaterd my loss in my mind as the level off recession was very hard to gauge where it was always covered and hidden.

If I was too off shaved my hair off before booking the surgery and deposit and flights i don't believe I would off gone the surgery route so if anyone is in the same boat as I was try the hairstyle you want before booking you surgery you might be able to come to terms with it and avoid surgery.

The reason I went through with the surgery is I didn't want any regrets everything was prepared and ready I felt if I cancelled I would of always been thinking should of I gone and I did and have been happy ever since.

It's defintley a roller coaster of a journey so for anyone reading this be prepared having the surgery done is the easy bit it's the waiting for the results constantly checking day in day out has it worked has it failed.
Good recommendation and honest ecount your HT journey. Anyway, I really think your result is good, so enjoy it.


I can confirm my donor area has zero white dots visible and looks as good in Real life as it does in the pictures
Glad to hear it.

Approximately one month before booking I shaved my hair down to a grade 2
Given that I don't know what the future holds in terms of my own hair loss, I'd like to retain the option of shaving my hair short (either a No. 2 or No. 1.) I spoke to a few clinics on the matter, but the most that they could promise was that, after surgery, I could wear my hair as low as a No. 3; any shorter might make the scars visible.


Just over 5 months.

Happy with where its at right now density still needs to increase on the left hand side but lots more hairs pushing through now.

Transplanted hair still quite curly hopefully that resolves itself soon loving the fact I can have my hair short and no longer be self conscious about it.


Im new here

This is looking great for you

Nice review and he seems a good doctor.

I relate totally with the reasons you had it done. Mine are very similar and having kids and wanting to do the things with them you wouldn’t normally do on your own is my main reasoning. Things like photos and swimming and park in the wind things like that