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2215 FUE grafts- Vertex Hair Clinic- Dr. T. Barghouthi



Patient details:
-34 years old male
-NW 4 pattern
-On minoxidil AND LLLTfor maintenance. Commenced at time of consultation. Minoxidil withheld 2 weeks prior to surgery.
-No medical history of note
-Dry scalp on scalp analysis studies- regulated pre-op

Surgical details:
-Good donor supply and hair calibre in donor area
-Total advised surface area of transplantation is around 80 cm2
-Shaved technique
-Motorized FUE excision of 2215 follicles. -Follicles breakdown: Singles: 420, doubles: 970, triples: 622, quadruples: 203
-Average hairs per follicle 2.27 hairs.
-Areas transplanted: hairline, frontal zone and added density in anterior Mid scalp. - Photos pre-op and 10 months after.




4 awesome repairs with SMG
Looks good.....has he found any benefit from the laser treatment I know it's been a little controversial as to its benefits over the years?

Did he not want to take Finasteride?

Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for your comment @bullitnut .
He did not want to try finasteride as someone he knew experienced some of the side effects. Given that, I wanted him to be on as much of maintenance arsenal as possible. To be honest, I do seem to see a good response with LLLT on our clients. I encourage it being used at least with minoxidil, but nonetheless I have seen a lot of good results using only LLLT.