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2300 Grafts with probably 100% growth : session 1/2 Prohairclinic



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
This patient is Norwood type 6. Unlike many Norwood 6 type patients, he has a very good donor area with strong hairs.

He will need about 4500-5000 grafts total in order to give coverage to the entire balding area.

Since it is unsafe for the patient and the donor area to perform such large amounts in a single session we decided with the patient to perform zone 1-2, with a second treatment about a year later to cover zone 3-4 (July 2020 is planned).

These pictures where taken 7 months after his first session, with strong regrowth.
Since 'only' 2300 grafts were performed in his first session we believe that he must have had 100% regrowth.

Johan sessie 1 na 7 maanden links.jpg
Johan sessie 1 na 7 maanden rechts.jpg
Johan sessie 1 na 7 maanden vooraan.jpg
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Valued member
The front looks great. Will he be able to cut his hair shorter than this when he has the full 5000 extracted or will he need to keep it similar in length to the pictures? Will you be documenting his next procedure too?