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2nd/Revision Surgery - Advice Needed



Hi All,

I'm going to need a 2nd/Revision surgery to add density and fix some issues from a first transplant.

My story and time lime/progression on the first transplant can be found on this site.

Fist Hair Transplant - HRA Buffalo

I have met virtually with several doctors. Some of my favorites have been.

Dr Arocha (Texas)
Dr Boden (Connecticut)
Dr Cooley (North Carolina)
Dr McGrath (Texas)
Dr Anderson (Georgia)

There is one doctor local who I am going to see as well but don't have as much info on
Dr Chu (New York)

Does anyone have any information on any of these doctors/clinics listed?

I am also open to any other suggestions of positive experiences with surgeons not listed.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Scarred UP

Dr. Carlos Wesley`s results look outstanding, plus he has a reputable online reputation for many years. Dr. Chu`s patient pictures look ancient and mediocre, nothing that jumps out at you as a wow. I`d go for a well known doctor rather than someone who is unknown, why risk it again.


Staff member
Don`t let distance be an obstacle. Be prepared to travel for the right clinic. You have a lot of clinics in New York who are worth consulting with unless you have made this as your list and are going to choose from it. I`ve met Dr Cooley, seen some of his patients in person and can say I was impressed with the results.