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2nd surgery question



Hi guys,

I’m 27 and 7 months post FUE surgery. My hair is dark blond and fine. I had 2178 grafts placed to slightly lower my hairline (by a finger) and increase density. The recipient area wasn’t very large and I think the density was about 45-48 grafts per sq/cm.
For 7 months, my results so far have been rather below average in terms of density. There’s lots of gaps in the middle and my right temple and there which makes it look quite unnatural and patchy. You can brush it down and won’t see much but that’s not how I wear my hair.

I have gone to see my surgeon last week for a follow up and even he said that I need more density. He said he would normally not place a hairline as low as mine but “that’s what I requested”. I actually did not request it, I only asked to straighten out my hairline because of receding temples. Either way, my early 20s hairline has been replicated so I’m fine with that but he said that some areas of the scalp are more “foreheady”, eg. “If the soil doesn’t have the right nutrients then plants won’t grow.” so he applied the same example here.

He said it’s okay and asked to wait until August/September to see if there is any improvement and if not, we can plan a second surgery to add an extra 1000-1500 grafts. To my question whether I had to pay, he said it would be 50% less. Not sure if that’s in comparison to what I paid for 2000 grafts or 50% off what you normally would pay for 1000-1500 grafts.
So, in a nutshell, if the procedure has delivered a result that’s below the acceptable standard, not even a minimum expectation, do I even need to pay anything for that?

Secondly, some of the grafts did not grow, where is the guarantee that we won’t waste my grafts again?

I am not going to share any photos or anything because that will not help the issue, I just want to hear what are your thoughts in terms of paying for another surgery, and the likelihood of it failing again if it didn’t work the first time.

Overall, the doctor is fairly professional and has shown a couple of good results. Haven’t seen anything negative about his clinic. It’s located in London, UK

thanks all

Best wishes,
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Hello Jay.
Hair transplant surgery is not guaranteed and we do see results that have not met the expectations of the clinic or the patient. However, I’ve never heard a doctor saying certain areas of the forehead/hairline have a lesser chance of graft survival. I would ask them to provide clinical studies to back this up.
It`s down to the clinics discretion if they offer you a free surgery or one at a reduced cost. If you don’t get the result because of poor growth you need to eliminate any possible underlying issues before proceeding with another surgery.
Then you have to decide if you’re still comfortable going back to the same clinic. If not, then you have to research again.
Hopefully, your growth does improve in the coming months.


Sometimes the results are that which you are expected due to quality of donor might be not good..