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3,200 grafts FUE with Dr. Bicer



It has been nearly a month since my FUE transplant with Dr. Bicer and I have no regrets that I chose her practice for my procedure. During my research and selection process, it was important to me to find a doctor that was ISHRS certified, a facility that is not doing multiple procedures per day and I wanted a doctor to perform the procedure. Dr. Bicer’s practice met all of these requirements. From my initial discussion with Dr. Bicer’s office, they provided me all relevant information about the procedure and were very responsive in answering all of my questions.

The actual procedure was long, as expected, but Dr. Bicer made me as comfortable as possible with a break for lunch halfway through and provided updates on how the procedure was progressing. After the procedure, clear instructions were provided on how to ensure proper healing, what to expect and things to avoid. Her office also followed-up with me to ensure I arrived home safely and has been in touch to examine my healing process. I am excited to see the results of the over the coming months!




Staff member
Welcome to the forum and congrats on your surgery. 3200 grafts should produce a very nice result for you giving you a new hairline that will frame your face.
Good to hear the clinic provides good aftercare too.
I`ll look forward to your next update
All the best.