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3000 grafts FUE Hair Transplant Result - 0 to 7 months – HDC Hair Clinic Cyprus



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This is a 50-year-old patient who had a 3000 graft FUE Hair Transplant, with HDC Hair Clinic in Cyprus. He has good hair characteristics and very good donor.
HDC Medical and Dr Maras who was the responsible doctor on this case, has spread the extraction of the grafts on the whole of the donor and he left the surrounding hair from each extracted graft intact, in order to avoid depletion and to leave the donor area looking as being untouched. This technique is more important on patients with average donor. It takes longer to do it, but your only supply of hair is your own donor. So, don’t waste it to finish quickly or to pay a few dollars less.
The aim of HDC Hair Transplant Technique is to give naturalness to the result in terms of feathering hairline, correct direction of the transplanted hair and to position the hairline according to each patient’s best interest.
HDC is also offering a unique post operation care for faster and correct donor and recipient area, healing. You can see more on this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huPLNp-Sy8c&t
We present this, 7 months result, including the development of the one and four months after.


Immediately after

1 month after

4 months after

7 months after



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Even though he has good hair characteristics like you mentioned this result is still awesome! To get a result like this he must be overjoyed!

To say i love it would be an understatement well done HDC:)


4 awesome repairs with SMG
Also would like to add your pics are superb as always Giuseppe thanks for sharing