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3233 grafts at Eugenix for a young man with a complete look change in the first siting

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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The index patient has had his second session with us as we post this today.
His details are are as follows:
1. Age: 30 years
2. Grade of Baldness on the Norwood Hamilton Scale: Grade VII
3. Total number of done for him: 5040 grafts
- scalp donor: 3233
- beard donor: 1807
4. Results duration: 7 months
5. First session for the Frontal zone and former mid scalp.
6. He has had his second session for the crown today and we shall await his results.
7. The patient has chosen both his sessions for the complete package with Dr. Abhinav Kumar performing the entire procedure.
So far it has been an amazing journey for him. We feel that it is only going to get better with this second session for him.



4 awesome repairs with SMG
Surprised with the youthful choice of hairline considering his level of balding......not being critical of the result as it looks outstanding but I would have gone slightly more conservative and mature with the shape then he could have gone a little further into the crown area with the grafts.....just my personal choice but I have to say the result is superb and looks very natural......hard to believe just how bald he actually was...awesome work!

Do you have any close up pics of the beard area to see how it healed?


I'm sure it's been talked about before on here.. but who the hell calls their company Eugenix...!?


Another excellent result from @Eugenix Hair Sciences yet again.
I think the name Eugenix is a great and very nice professional name. It caught my eye when I was researching for my own HT, which I had very recently with Eugenix and I will post soon.
At the end of the day its the results that are really important , then one appreciates the name.