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3493 FUT Grafts, Jerry Cooley MD, 11 Months Post-op



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This patient is in his early 20 €™s and first came to see me with his parents at the age of 18. We started finasteride and deferred any further treatment other than topical minoxidil. He returned several years later, expressing in interest in hair transplantation. We discussed all the possible drawbacks of undergoing a transplant when young, including the likely need for future procedures. He had absolutely decided against a €˜shaved head €™ look and was committed to doing everything necessary to keep his hair looking natural in the future.

After considering all the pros and cons of making this commitment, the patient opted for FUT. We performed 3,493 grafts combined with PRP/ACell. The hairline was placed at 7cm, to ensure it would continue to look natural as he ages. He returned 11 months later, ecstatic with the results, noting how restoring his hair had changed his life for the better. He understands the need for periodic PRP treatments and possible transplants in the future.


Pete from Farjo

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That's really impressive work. No wonder he's so happy with the result.