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3750 Grafts FUE Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Elithairtransplant Clinic

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Hello everybody,My name is Matt and I am from Slovakia. I have been living in Vienna (Austria) for about 5 years now. This year (February) I decided to undergo a hair transplant (FUE). I informed myself about the prices and quality around where I live (Austria, Germany ,Hungary, UK etc.) After finding out that the prices were not so cheap over there and I was a student back then, I decided to contact couple clinics in Istanbul. I researched a lot on the internet until I found very interesting clinic with a lot of reviews on facebook and google. The clinic was called elithairtransplant. I contacted them easily via phone (whats app) and email. They responded very quickly and were able to answer all of my questions.
1. How much did my HT cost?- 1650 Euro
2. How many grafts were transplanted?-3750 grafts (I paid for 3500 and got 250 free :)
3. How long did I wait for the hair transplant surgery date?- About 5-6 weeks
4. Was the procedure painful?- Only the first 3-4 minutes, while the numbing shots were injected into my donor area. After that I haven ´t felt a thing.
5. Did my head hurt immediately after the procedure?- Yes, but only a little bit. I was given some painkillers to help me fall asleep. After 2nd and 3rd day I didn ´t need any painkillers.
6. Did Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi do the whole hair transplant procedure by himself?- No, but he was supervising it.
7. What did I get after the hair transplant from my clinic?- Shampoo, lotion, hat, medicals (painkillers, antibiotics etc.) and 5-6 sites of instructions on paper
8. How long did the procedure take?- About 7 hours, while I was watching TV and surfed the internet. I got one break to eat a meal, which was prepared at the clinic.
In the video below, I show you my hairline before and immediately after the procedure.
Thanks for reading and watching! ;)
Feel free to check out my Youtube Video of my hair transplant, my reactions, live comments and tips! My channel is called "Matt Dominance hair transplant"

Hairline before and the Day 1 after my FUE hair transplant



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