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400 FUE/BHT scar repair

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MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

MyWHTC - Brussels Belgium Hair Clinic

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This patient had a strip surgery performed at previous clinic that resulted into a linear scar from ear to ear. The patient elected to undergo a scar excision and revision to correct it. The result was a thinner linear scar. Dr. Mwamba was able to offer some new options to this patient such as correcting the directional growth of the hair and grafting with FUE by FIT, the preferred method of transplanting single follicular unit hair grafts. Here are the results from 200 scalp grafts and 200 body hair grafts at 16 months.




4 awesome repairs with SMG
Nice work. Does Dr Mwamba often use body hair for scar repairs or is it just down to donor limitations?
Thanks for sharing, seen some great scar work from your clinic over the years which have impressed me a lot ¬b`