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4000 grafts at The Hair Dr



Hi all

I finally had my Hair transplant with Dr Arshad at the Hair Dr in Dewsbury
Im 44 and have experienced hair loss since my mid twenties. I always knew at some point I would be getting a Hair transplant

I have been looking HT up for years and finally started last year to do some serious research. A lot of people on here made me look at the Hair Dr and finally make the decision to go with them

I called in a few weeks prior to my surgery to pay the fee and had a lovely hour meeting the team and Dr and was made to feel I had spent an hour with friends. Everyone is so welcoming. I knew right then I had chosen the right place for me

The night before the procedure I was anxious but managed to get some sleep.
It was a 7AM start. The guys there could see I was nervous so sat me down with a cup of tea and a chat with Adam (who is friendly and chatty from the moment you meet him) I cant state enough how being with everyone at the clinic feels like you are with a group of friends you have known for years

I had the consultation and had my new hairline drawn on. Dr Arshad is very open to your opinions and changes anything you feel isn't correct. He wants you to be happy with the outcome

Then onto my hair being shaved.

Then onto the part which was given me anxiety. The anaesthetic. I absolutely hate needles and have passed out in the past before an operation at the thought of the needle

I cant lie and say its an enjoyable part of the day but its very very bearable. I just grinned and got on with it. I was asked if I wanted to stop and take a break but I said no just get them all done with. It's over in no time and afterwards you think well that was fine and you relax a lot more then knowing its over with

The morning was spent laid on my front and side while Dr Ashad made the punches then the technicians removed the follicles

Lunch wad provided and I was glad of the break to sit up right

Straight after, a few more photos were taken by Josh for their social media, again a really lovely friendly guy

Then more anaesthetic on the top of the head, again a little painful but not as bad this time as it seemed to numb quicker so I couldn't feel after the fourth or so one.

The rest of the day was sat upright watching Star Trek on Netflix. Dr Ashad made the incisions then four technicians implanted the hairs. There was no pain at all, just some curious sensations when fluid was pumped in and a the kind of crunching noise each incision makes

The only pain I felt was from being sat for so long but I asked a few times if I could just take a little break and sit up straight which I did

All in all it was a long day but it did pass quite quickly and its nowhere near as bad as anyone would ever imagine.
I got in the car for a one and a half hour journey home, in no pain whatsoever. In fact I have felt no pain afterwards at all. I have taken the pain meds on the evening of the procedure and the following morning but will probably stop now as I don't feel like I need them

I'm sleeping on the sofa with a neck pillow, takes a while to drop off to sleep but I did get around 5 hours sleep the first night so not too bad

I will keep updating here along the way. You guys have helped me so much to make my decisions and make me feel better about the journey
For anyone interested (if this isnt allowed please remove) I will also be updating my youtube channel with my full journey (first video will go out in a week or so) I do 4 vlogs a week so the next few months growth will all be shown on there The channel is called "The Lodge Guys"

Any questions please ask and I will try to answer them

Im not taking finasteride due to medical reasons so will be taking biotin and saw palmetto

Ive attached some before pics and pics of the day.
I will update later today with the day after pics



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Welcome to the forum - sounds like you had a great day with the guys like I did.

Everything looks good from the pics and looking forward to following your journey!


Day after the procedure.
No pain at all


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Valued member
Sounds like it all went smoothly for you, now it’s just a waiting game. Look forward to following your journey


Taking the bandage off the first night. All looked and felt fine so no need for a second bandage


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Hi Leighroy. Welcome to the forum. With some luck your hair loss won’t progress further or it will be really slow that you’ll not notice it so much. Those 4000 grafts should produce a nice new hairline and give some decent coverage over the rest of your head.
It’s good to hear the forum helped you and that you had a good experience during surgery.
I’ll look forward to following your progress.
All the best.


Hi all. One week since my HT. Things have been going pretty smoothly. Started having a little throbbing in the donor area which I've looked up and seems to be normal from the nerves? I've started taking pain killers again when needed

First wash today which I'm looking forward to

Worst bit has been sleeping on the sofa
What day would you say is fine to go back to my bed and sleep normal? Would you still use a neck pillow for the second week?


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Healing well Leighroy, you can’t beat the first wash!!!


I stuck with the sofa for the first week until I started washing, just to be on the safe side. Check with the clinic on what they recommend.
I got an occasional feeling in the donor area, nothing to worry about have to remember you've had thousands of cuts and the body is healing!
Everything is looking good!