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4000 Grafts - Hair of Istanbul



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Hi guys.

Been a long time lurker on this forum and part time contributor. Finally took the plunge and had a hair transplant procedure at Hair of Istanbul in Turkey, on 7th November 2019. I thought it would only be right for me to post on here as many others have done so in the past, helping me along the way.

Been losing hair for 12 years although Propecia has pretty much put a stop to that this last 12 months, giving me more impetus to finally get things up top sorted.

I've attached some pics:

Day 3 - Before my first hair wash.

Day 6 - Top shows scabbing. Donor shows scabs gone and healed nicely.

Day 10 - Scabs gone from top of my head.

Day 16 - Today.

I also vlogged the experience, if anyone is interested in seeing it:

Any thoughts or questions, fire away.


. Before.jpg Day 3 Donor.jpg Day 3 Top.jpg Day 6 Top.jpg Day 6 Donor.jpg Day 10.jpg Day 16 - Today.jpg