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4300 fue grafts with Dr Bisanga



Evening all!

So currently I am sat in an air b&b in Brussels resting my fiery tight melon in a neck pillow at 45 degrees! I have gained much knowledge from others experiences using this and similar forums, and I feel I owe to the community to give some back so here goes!

Today was the second day of a 4003 fue Procedure with Dr Bisanga at BHR Clinic. I chose Dr Bisanga as I have always been a fan of his natural looking hairlines and more importantly, ethical approach with regards long term planning.

The days were long but went smoothly from start to finish. Dr Bisanga finalised my hairline design in the morning after a discussion about the fact that I may not be able to tolerate taking finasteride. A relatively conservative hairline was drawn and the plan was to use approximately 4000 grafts to give a better frame to my face and fill in between some existing hair, and use grafts to reinforce the just the rest of mid scalp into the crown area.

Graft breakdown were:

Single FU’s 679 grafts
Double FU’s 2312 grafts
Treble FU’s 1600 grafts
Quadruple FU’s 709 grafts
Total grafts 4300

I’ll attach my preoperative photos and immediately after. I’ll then post weekly if I can but certainly monthly to show progress.

Wish me luck all!





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Congrats on your recent surgery dude. The placement looks excellent and should produce an outstanding result. You chose a great surgeon/clinic so I'm sure you should get a great result. I for appreciate it when all patients give back and document their journeys on here. Got to say your donor looks good...you look to be a good candidate for a HT.

I look forward to following your updates as the result progresses.


Thanks bullitnut. I’m having fun so far but I know the journey has only just begun! I’ll keep the updates coming along with some ‘panicky questions’ for the community in search of peace of mind lol!


Your transplant looks good. How was the anaesthetic, was it painful?

What are your issues with Finasteride?


Hi reddwarf,
The injections on the first day were bearable to be honest. However the second day where the scalp was very tender, more injections into that area made for a very painful experience. The nurses gave me a ball to squeeze!

With regards to Finasteride, I took it for 3 months until a couple of days before my procedure. At first I thought I was free from any side effects for a good 2 months. In fact my libido actually increased for the first 2 weeks. After two months I noticed a decrease in sex drive, started getting feelings of anxiety and felt less ‘connected’ down below. I stopped and within 3 days I was feeling back to normal in all areas. I’m thinking of trying a lower dose but have also been prescribed oral minoxidil tablets by Dr Bisanga who swears by them. I might get some topical finasteride too but would like to hear from others about their experience.