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4500 grafts with the Hair Dr (Leeds) and it's looking good



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13 hours on the treatment table was quite a marathon! Dr. Arshad and his team at the Hair Doctor were superb throughout the whole process.
We were initially planning to spread the treatment over two consecutive days but the donor hair was extracted easily so we went for it all in one day.

The whole experience was much less painful than I expected mainly because the local anaesthetic was applied without the use of a needle - huge thanks to whoever invented that technology!

Dr. Arshad is clearly passionate about treating hair loss and focuses heavily on precision and on reducing the pain and discomfort both during the treatment and in the recovery phase - his tools and techniques are all selected with that in mind. This probably means that his average time per graft is longer than other Doctors would take but it's worth it for the comfort levels and the end result.

Post treatment was interesting - there was some blood (but not too much),some discomfort but no pain, then the scabs and the swelling. OMG the swelling! I'd had a lot of fluid inserted during the operation - inevitable with such as high number of grafts. That fluid had to go somewhere and so it oozed down my face behind the skin. About 3 days after the operation I looked like a white extra from the Avatar movie but it soon passed. I ventured outside to meet other humans after 6 days and didn't get too many funny looks.

It's now just over 2 weeks since the operation and I'm delighted with progress already - I know there's still a long way to go as the hair follicles go through the growing cycles in the coming months and the hair starts to increase density and body but it's a great start and I'm so glad I took the plunge and decided to have the treatment after many years of thinking about it.




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Hi Yorkshireneil.
Welcome to the forum. That's a big long session you had, 4500 should provide nice coverage and a new hairline for you. In 12 months you will look like a different person. Good to hear all the swelling has gone and you`re looking pretty normal again.
I`ll look forward to following your progress.
All the best.
HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

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Thanks for the update. Nice progression for 5 months, with growth to come this is right on track! (y)