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5055 grafts in Diffuse thinning: Hair Transplantation at Eugenix by Drs Sethi and Bansal

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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A conservative hair transplant is when new hair grafts are planted in between the gaps of already existing hair. We performed a similar transplant procedure for the index patient who was was 50 years old and who had diffussive hair loss from the hairline till the crown. He received 5055 grafts for his transplantation procedure. Out of these, 4055 grafts were taken from the scalp and 1000 grafts were taken from the beard. It is usually very difficult to plant new grafts in between the existing hair but with 8x magnification, we were able to meticulously fill up the gaps.

We also gave him Finasteride and Minoxidil which would strengthen his pre existing hair and make them thicker. After 3 months the hair started to grow and after 5 months there was a complete change in look. By the 9th month, he had gained a very thick density and good volume. It needs a lot of precision, experience and magnification to plant new grafts in between two already existing grafts so that the existing hair do not enter into shock stage or get damaged. With more than 6000 cases under our belt, Eugenix Hair Sciences has a vast experience of planting in between existing hair not only in males but also females.





Brilliant result. What happens if the existing hair does enter a shocked state, will it grow back?
Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Hello sir,
Thank you for your appreciation.
The pre existing hair, regardless of going into the shock loss or not will grow back. At least in our center we have seen that because we transplant hair only if there is suficient distance between two pre existing hair. And even if there is shock loss then it is temporary and the hair grow back.


Would you consider a transplant on a diffuse person who can`t take finasteride or minoxidil but has very good donor hair?