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5132 grafts Corrective procedure - a new beginning

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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Mr. S D was a corrective case. He had had a hair transplantation procedure earlier also. He had got it done from Hyderabad. However, the results were not satisfactory and he was very conscious about his looks.
He started using fibres and created an illusion of coverage.
He came and had a consultation with Dr. Abhinav Kumar. The procedure was planned and he got 5132 grafts done for the procedure. He got done 3077 grafts from the back scalp donor and 2055 grafts from the beard donor.
After 1 year, he has seen tremendous results with an absolutely fabulous transformation in look.
He chose the Complete package and Dr. Abhinav Kumar performed the entire procedure.



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This is brilliant to see...such a nice transformation from where he was and that strip scar was dreadful. He looks amazing at 12 months well done