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A successful hair transplant at Elithairtransplant clinic - Istanbul TURKEY



At very young age, I started having problem with hair thinning and gradually it increased.
After few years I had an empty spots which was bothering me a lot.Of course at the beginning I have tried some herbal treatments and shampoos to strengthen the hair follicles but that didn €™t stop the bald area from expanding.

Till that time I have never thought about hair transplant. Until I met my friend €™s brother who had transplanted hair with Elithairtransplant in Turkey and he recommended me to do the same.His natural looking hair encouraged me and after a long conversation with him I asked for the contact details of Elithairtransplant.

I had many questions to ask so the next day I contacted them and for one week I was asking questions to their advisor who was responding very professionally.
I took few days off from my work and I travelled to Istanbul.

Upon arrival, I met the representative at the airport and he transferred me to Nydia hotel which is a 4* hotel.

I checked in to my room which was nicely furnished and the hotel had a nice pool and wellness.
On the 2nd day, Elithairtransplant picked me up from the hotel in the hotel and took me to their clinic in Liv Hospital which is very close to the hotel.The hospital is newly opened and in the clinic they had the most advanced equipment.

Even though Elithairtransplant answered all my questions and I had a clear idea about the procedure, I had some tension. Well, it all faded away after I met Dr. Abdulaziz Balwi who examined me hair and comforted me with his confidence and smile.After shaving my hair, I was taken to the intervention room where they did all what it takes in 6-7 hours.
During the treatment, I watched TV and listens to music. I was completely relaxed and I felt no pain at all. It was really easier than what I expected.

1 year passed and the results appeared, I €™m very satisfied and decided to write here because I €™m very grateful for Elithairtransplant and Dr. Balwi. They are very honest, transparent and professional. Thank you so much Elithairtransplant and Dr. Balwi.


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