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A warm welcome from Eugenix Hair Sciences, to the Patients who are planning their hair transplant surgery.

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Eugenix Hair Sciences

Eugenix Hair Sciences

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This is for your information that barring a few months at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic in the middle of last year, we at Eugenix have been doing surgeries regularly, though few at first, but have picked up quite rapidly and we are performing a good number of procedures every week.
The doctors and staff at Eugenix have been taking full precautions by adhering to strict guidelines to prevent any chance of infection, either from outside or from any patient, PCR test is being done for all patients before they come here for the surgery.
A short while back the situation in our country was quite delicate, but thanks to untiring efforts we have finally managed to get it under control and as travel restrictions have eased, we have been steadily getting an increasing number of patients from outside, who have been waiting patiently for their procedure.

HERE WE MUST MENTION THAT ALL OUR DOCTORS AND OUR ENTIRE STAFF ARE FULLY VACCINATED against this disease and are now going about our regular routine and performing a good number of surgeries every day.
We, at Eugenix, are not being complacent and are still taking all necessary steps and precautions to avoid anyone coming in contact with this disease, so rest assured that with all necessary steps in place, you are in safe and secure hands.
A Medical Visa will be required by you, so that you can travel to India for your Hair Transplant Surgery and our team of counselors are well experienced and will be able to guide you through the entire process in your application for a Medical Visa.


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