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A YouTube Influencers Hair Transplant Story



Hi All,

I got served this "influencers" hair transplant story on youtube recently.

What's everyone's thoughts? It certainly differs to my first overseas transplant with Shapiro.

It seemed a fast turn around for both him and his friend (30 min whatsapp reply, booked in 24 hours later, procedure a week after that).

Hopefully he continues to document his journey on YouTube


Staff member
I watched the video. If he truly booked a HT like that, then he is very naive. He has a lot off followers on YouTube, maybe it was a planned free HT. Couldn’t see any doctors listed on their website. The few Instagram posts I looked at there was no magnification used. Hopefully, he got lucky and gets a good result. Otherwise, it`s going to cost him when he looks for a repair surgery.


Valued member
That's quite an agressive hairline they've gone for, I do hope for his sake he's on meds.
Doron HDC coordinator

Doron HDC coordinator

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Looks like a hair mill job, too low aggressive hairline, there was no need to do the temporal peaks.