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Addicted after just 2500 grafts FUE manual - Prohairclinic



Prohairclinic FUE and SMP
This patient came for his treatment February 2021.

His goal was to density the frontal area and the mid-scalp area.

2500 Grafts were transplanted via the manual FUE method in a single day. This was performed using a full shave head.

The grafts were placed strategically to give the best coverage looking from the frontal area, eye height.

Since he is very happy about the result achieved he has returned for a second session, crown area.

In this session we will transplant 1000 grafts into the crown area, using No shave FUE hair transplantation.

Here are the before and after 10 months of this first procedure, covering zones 1-2-3.

As usual, a bright LED light is pointed at the patient to provide clear, sharp, and honest pictures.


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4 awesome repairs with SMG
Looks good.....look forward to seeing the crown pics. Hair greed is a demon lol so not surprised he came back for the crown doing after getting the front done and seeing how good modern hair transplants are.

Thanks for sharing