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Advice for older Gentleman



Afternoon. Thinking of getting a transplant in Turkey, had an online consultation (GetHair) and need 2700 grafts. My dilemma is that I'm 56 and was wondering if any similar aged gentlemen have had a similar procedure and can give me any advice on the benefits and pitfalls. Regards


Hi Chef,

I've sent a few guys over to India about your age, the eldest being 62. No issues at all and they all seem to have grown out, they look about 20 years younger and they have rediscovered a bounce in their step.

At 56 you will be fine. If your heart is set on Turkey do your research and go to a recommended clinic with genuine patient reviews online.

The one you are not too old to do is screw up your first and possibly last surgery.

Kindest Regards

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Hi Friend

I had my first HT in 2012 and is one of the best things I ever done , take your time do not be fooled into sales talk and cheap HT in Turkey as Shera has said do your research make sure the Clinic has proven track record and consistent results , even ask if you can meet up with patients who have been their, remember this is your time in your life when you want to feel happy and full of life if you do your research and pick the right Clinic you will get that , I wish you all the very best .


What is the average age of a transplant patient then? Surely there will be lots of men of a similar age having transplants. My guess is that being 56 shouldn't be a problem at all.
Pete from Farjo

Pete from Farjo

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You're never too old! Plenty of guys in their fifties and older getting transplants. One of the main advantages of waiting til middle age is that your hair loss pattern should be obvious by then, and a clear 'plan of attack' without too much risk can be formed.


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I think I read somewhere that the average age is in the mid-forties, but that may have changed over the past few years with such cheap options available to younger men today. To answer the question of the OP, I've had patients in their 70's, and even one doctor many years ago that was in his late 80's. It proves two things.

1. Yes, older men can and do often have hair transplant surgery.
2. You NEVER get too old to care about your hair, so younger guys should take note as this debunks the "I won't care when I'm in my forties" horsesh*t.