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Advice needed on choosing a London Clinic



Hi everyone.

Newbie to the forum here and would be very grateful on any advice or recommendations you may have as to which London Clinic to choose for my hair transplant. By way of some background, I am a 30 year old male who has been balding and thinning since late teens. I am looking to thicken up the top of the head and bring the hairline forward a bit while still trying to look natural

I have had discussions with the following clinics and any comments on these clinics or others in London / S.East of England would be much appreciated.

1. Harley Street Healthcare - hair-transplant-clinics.co.uk
  • Recommended a 2 stage Mega FUE transplant - 2000 grafts each stage (total 4000 grafts) at a cost of £2,800 each - £5,600
  • the two procedures to be 3/6 weeks apart.
  • Procedure to be carried out OR OVERSEEN by principal surgeon (Dr Mohammod)
  • I was on the verge of booking this however have today found this forum and a couple of bad experiences with this clinic - online reviews seem very good though.
  • I am a bit dubious about having 2 operations so close to each other
2. Fortes Clinic - fortesclinic.co.uk/
  • Initial hair transplant of 3000 grafts in one day. To then assess 12 months later if further grafts needed (potentially up to a further 2000).
  • cost of £4,000 for the 3000 grafts
  • I liked the fact my online consultation during Covid was done with the surgeon rather than a salesman - Dr Ahmad Saaed
  • My concern with this clinic is he was pushing me quite hard to take Finesteride - I know the horror stories around this drug and my wife and I plan to start a family soon so keen to stay away from this.
  • Not many reviews for this clinic and can't seem to find them on whatclinic.com
3. Harley Street Hair Clinic - hshairclinic.co.uk/
  • 2 day procedure for a total of 2000 grafts - cost of £7,400
  • I like the fact this is obviously a very famous clinic and the cost represents that.
  • Operation carried out by surgeon and not a technician
  • Dislike - the cost is almost twice as much as the other clinics for far fewer grafts
As you can see from the above there's been a variety of advice and cost which is just making it harder to make a decision. I had been set to book Harley Street Healthcare until I read some bad experiences on here and I have also not been impressed at all with the communication. I am now leaning to Fortes Clinic as HS hair clinic just seems too expensive for the number of grafts.

Any other suggestions or advice on the above would be greatly appreciated.

Edit - just to add I am not wedded on London and if people recommend clinics elsewhere in the country I would be interested as well.

Edit 2 - I have now also booked a consultation with the Private Clinic and have requested Dr Raghu Reddy after reading some top reviews on other forums. I am also tempted to try the Surgerygroup since their website comes across well and a reasonable cost.

Many thanks in advance.


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I`ve never heard of any clinic performing a hair transplant, then doing another 3-6 weeks later. Maybe you should consult with a few more clinics and ask if this is safe and acceptable to do. There are quite a few on here and a search will bring up others based in the UK.
The skill of the doctor and techs are paramount to a successful HT.
As for review sites, they are full of fake reviews that aren`t verified. You could leave a good or bad review right now without any checks.
Are you on any hair loss meds? Even though the grafts are taken from the safer zone, you could still lose them to MPB.