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Advise please on - Finasteride Lower dose & other possible options



Before I almost went through with a Hair Transplant I was taking 1mg of Fin everyday however I did have the dreaded side effects.
I did not go ahead with the surgery but I feel I am in a much different place and ready to go through with surgery however having stopped taking Fin I really don’t fancy those sides again but I’m well aware I need to try and maintain or at least slow down future hair loss.
Does anyone have experience of reducing the dose ? Did it help take away the sides ? Is the dosage of half a day enough.
Are there any other options other than Fin ? Any advise much appreciated.


Staff member
You can reduce the dosage and see benefits. Other alternatives could be oral minoxidil or topical finasteride.


Yes I would agree that you can reduce your dosage then you might get benefits ..