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Air and Surface Sanitisation for YOUR Clinics

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Radiana Air Sanitisers

With a huge challenge in procuring the correct PPE and often physical challenges with building designs to accommodate the strict requirements for seeing patients, Radiana have a unique solution with Non-Thermal Plasma Air Sanitisation units.

These units have been tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, pollutants, mould and odours, and are highly recommended in clinical areas. Why not check out the attached PDF's where you can see the units for yourself and request further scientific / testing info if required.

There are some files attached to review.

We are working very hard to ensure the safety of Staff and Patients especially within the Clinical and Healthcare sectors.

We look forward to supporting you in creating a safe environment.


  • Radiana Air Sanitisers FAQ's .pdf
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  • Radiana Air Sanitisation Products Brochure.pdf
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