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Ankara Hair Transplant



Ankara Saç Ekimi - Ankara Hair Transplant
Our story

Thousands of Hair Transplantation Experiences Over 20 Years…

We have been using the Follicular Unit Transfer method until 2006, the Manual Follicular Unit Extraction method between 2006 and 2009, and the combination of Motor and Manual methods since 2009.

When the artistic approach is combined with experience and up-to-date knowledge developing every day, natural hair transplantation can be achieved.

The artistic approach

It is the process of determining the hairline and the areas to be covered before hair transplantation by evaluating the patient's facial model, skin type, hair structure and donor capacity.

Current scientific advances and technology.

Hair transplantation technology and application is a continually developing and renewed application.


Hair transplantation is one of the most complex aesthetic surgical procedures known. The International Hair Restoration Surgery Association reports that sufficient patient experience in hair transplantation will only occur after 500 cases. Considering that hair transplantation is a team practice, everyone involved in the team that will perform your hair transplantation should have this level of experience.

Talent and skill

Aesthetic hair transplantation results in knowledge and experience combined with ability and skill.

Natural Result

Natural outcome inaesthetic procedures and especially hair transplantation constitutes the essential part of hair transplantation. The natural result can only be achieved when all of the titles mentioned above are put together.