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Another corrective HT during pandemic

Dr. A s Clinic

Dr. A s Clinic

Valued member
It saddens me to see such low par work. I wish doctors/clinics will realize their mistake soon.
In this case, large punches were used for extraction AND many of the grafts were extracted from the unsafe donor area much like what has happened in HT of some indian cricketers.
Things to note and something prospective patients need to be clear before they proceed with their surgery.
Please ask your HT doctor to mark the scalp and body donor areas BEFORE the start of the actual surgery and show the same to you.

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Dr (Capt) Arvind Poswal


Staff member
Over harvesting and straying out the safer zone are both common practice these days. Some patients actually want this, they are prepared to sacrifice the donor area to have hair on top. It's then upto the clinic if they proceed.
I think most end up unhappy once reality kicks in.