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Any body had a Hair doctor transplant without Dr ashad?



Hi there new member apologies if this is in the incorrect section
Basically ive been researching hair clinics for over 3 years now and like what ive read about hair doctor with dr ashad
My question is has anyone had a hr doctor transplant without dr ashad being present and were the results still great?
Im asking as being in.the north they have a liverpool and manchester clinic too and i may not be able to travel to london where i assume dr ashad main clinic is
Many thanks for any replies or advice
HairDr Clinic

HairDr Clinic

Valued member
Hello @Bailey1878

Thank you for your interest in our clinic.

I just wanted to help you with your research by providing you some information:

- Dr Arshad is based out of our treatment centre in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. He does not provide treatment in London at the moment.
- We currently do not offer any other sites for patients to undergo surgery (due to covid-19 and other logistic reasons).
- We have other doctors in the clinic but Dr Arshad is the lead surgeon (the role of the other doctors is limited to assistance with the procedure).

I hope that helps and if you need any further information please PM on here or call/WhatsApp me on 07908469632.



Thank you i spoke to you today after this post, i was wanting to find out about location dr ashad attented but you answered all my questions great thank you