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Anyone used Finasteride and Saw Palmetto together?



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Not sure whether it's been covered on here before but looking at the ingredients on my Foligain supplements i noticed it contains Saw Palmetto. As i'm also on Finasteride i wondered if anyone else has taken both before?
I know it probably increase the risks of potential sides, but ive been taking both for a while now with zero side affects so i wondered thats all*nl
I realise it's probably just the same as increasing the dose of Finasteride but as the supplements have other ingredients too i will keep taking them for now anyway.


I would also like to know about Saw Palmetto effectiveness

Has anybody used it solely and seen results? Sometimes it's hard to tell when you're using multiple medications

Herr Loss

I've been taking both for about 6 months, Fin in the morning and SP before I go to bed along with some other supplements, can't say I've seen much difference since starting.