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Arenamed, Hilden/Düsseldorf, Germany



DON'T GO THERE! I lost most of my own hair, and when I wrote to the clinic, they didn't come back to me for a ALL WEEK! In the back of my head, the hair was taken out extremely unevenly, so that now, one month after I have UDGES holes. It is a month that my head is hurting and itching. They also promised me injections of plasma, which I never got. My implants were made in Hilden/Düsseldorf/Germany. Doctor Holenstein has never been seen and maybe he doesn't even exist.
I already had a hair transplant, so I know that this process hurts and itches. And I know what PRP is. And that the results can be see in one year.
You can see in the pictures, the horror it is.

I wrote this for JJ, my friend.