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Asking for advice re hair transplant/hairline advancement. 23 year old male.



Hi everyone,

I have started to experience hair loss when I turned 21 with recession at temples. I have initially used minoxidil and later finastride. I then switched onto foam minoxidil and eventually just onto finastride, which I have been on for 2 years now. I also microneedle with 0.5cm/1x week.

My hair loss has stabilized and I no longer get shedding. However my hairline has receded. I have a very broad head and big skull which I find very unaesthetic and find the idea of hairline advancement appealing for improving my looks.

I contacted Dr Koray Erdogan for an opinion. In the photos purple line is what I thought might be ideal (but likely unrealistic grafts wise). Dr Erdogan replied and indicated with the green line. I replied asking if he could be slightly more forward on the temples and I am waiting to hear back.

I'm hoping for a long hair FUE so I can get back to work discreetly. I wanted to ask your opinions on how many grafts this might be (they havent quoted me yet) and honestly your opinions on if it's a good idea. Also regarding any opinions on Erdogan's clinics.

Thank you in advance guys




Staff member
Looking at your Purple hairline I`d say it is too low and represents a lot of risk. You would need a lot of grafts, 3000 plus to get anywhere near your existing density, then if it never achieved the implanted density I`d say you would be unhappy. You may lose more hair requiring more transplants.

I prefer the green line to strengthen the temple points and if I were you, I would probably raise the Green line up a little to reduce the number of grafts needed. Around 2000 plus grafts should be sufficient for my option. Whatever you are quoted by the clinic may change once you`re in front of the doctor.
When you say long hair fue are you meaning the grafts are long hairs or that you`re not required to shave your donor area?


So, are you 23 now? the meds are working? tbh I am surprised if you are only 23 a dr is happy to do a hair transplant, you read stories warning against it at a young age with small hair loss.