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ASMED Clinic - Dr. Koray Erdogan - Free Online Consultations

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Dr Koray Erdogan

Dr Koray Erdogan

Premium class FUE
ASMED Surgical Medical Center

Dr Koray Erdogan

Dear Froum Members,
Hope you had a nice weekend.

To get an online evaluation done by Dr Erdogan please follow the steps below:

1. Complete the form on the link below:

2. Attach the pictures as in the example:
*The length of the hair should be 1-2 cm long.

After your information and photos are evaluated we will respond with Dr. Koray Erdogan's professional evaluation regarding your candidacy for the FUE transplant along with a complete quote.

IMPORTANT: (if you do not have it) - Please download the WhatsApp application. You can contact us at any time through this application.
Mobile +90 549 624 68 26 (WhatsApp)

All our details you can find on the following website: https://www.asmed.com.tr/

For any further questions, you can always contact me.


Suzana Kubinek

ASMED Clinic

Mobile: +90 549 624 68 28 (WhatsApp)