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ASMED, Dr Koray Erdogan, 5007 grafts 15/16 Nov 2021



Hello everybody,

Today is day 4 since I did my hair transplant at the ASMED clinic (Dr Koray Erdogan). I want to share my journey here not only because I am interested in your honest feedback, but also because I hope this can help others to decide. I think it is also important to point out that the clinic has not asked me to share my experience, I am doing this because I want to.

So let's begin.

Age 38.
5007 grafts.
Donor area: 8000+ (can't remember the exact number, it is something I want to double check with the clinic).

The operation was done over 2 days. First day, front. Second day, mid and crown.
I chose the more expensive package the clinic offered as I wanted Dr Erdogan to be as much involved as possible, which means he did the incisions too (he did not do the extractions though, although he came in few times to oversee the process). The whole staff felt very friendly and professional. There are cheaper packages with less involvement and supervision from Dr Erdogan.

Included in the price was transportation and staying at the clinic for 3 nights. This included (nice) food and drinks. Staff was available 24/7 in case of need. Very spacious room, comfortable and clean with private shower, TV and hospital bed.

PICTURES PRE OP - before shaving

Pre Op 1.JPG

Pre Op 3.JPG

Pre Op 5.JPG


PICTURES POST-OP after shaving

Pre Op 6.JPG

Pre Op 7.JPG

PICTURES POST OP, day after 17.11, after hair wash

Post Op 1.JPG

Post Op 2.JPG

Post Op 3.JPG


Day 4 a.jpg

Day 4 b.jpg

Day 4 c.jpg

(sorry for some reasons I cannot post the last 3 pictures straight, they are turned sideways when I upload them)


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    Pre Op 2.JPG
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Yes indeed, and fingers crossed it will turn out well!! :) It's stressful not being able to know the results for months! For now, the tingly sensation on my scalp is driving me nuts!

Will post further updates down the line (y)