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ASMED SURGICAL CENTER - Dr. Koray Erdogan: 2600 FUE (Manual Punch) - Patient Video

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Dr Koray Erdogan

Dr Koray Erdogan

Premium class FUE
- 2600 FUE
- Patient age: 31 years
- Average of 2.50 hairs per graft
- Extractions with a manual punch, sapphire blade incisions, placement of grafts with KEEP
- Dr. Koray Erdogan
- Asmed Surgical Center, Istanbul



Valued member
I had the 2,400 grafts for the clinic and got nowhere near the same result as this. I have no doubt the Doctor has the skill set to achieve many results like these though my experience with Asmed was very poor and I spent a lot of money, wish I never went to Asmed.