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Awesome Experience With Dr. Suneet Soni, India



Hi everyone!

I am writing this to share my story with you guys about my recent hair transplant with Dr. Suneet of Medispa hair transplant center Jaipur. I am basically from India and have been working in United States for 11 years. Hair loss started around the age of 30 years and by 37 years, my hair loss was so severe that I just had hairs left in the centre of my head, no hairs in the top of head and front of head. I was very frustrated because of my baldness because it made me look old. I was feeling very depressed because of this baldness and started wearing cap whenever I went out with my friends and family. I wanted to get out of this problem permanently but was very confused. I had heard about hair transplant in the past but I was really scared because I always believed that there are lot of complications in hair transplant. But recently my friend met for dinner whom I met after 2 years. I was really stunned to see a good bunch of hairs on his head because we have been teasing him for his baldness since college time. But now he had very good hair growth and looked younger than before. I asked him about his and he told me that he was having some issues because of baldness and so, underwent hair transplant in India with one of the best surgeons in India, Dr. Suneet Soni. So, I asked him everything about hair transplant, how much pain occurs during the procedure or is there any risk with hair transplant. His response was very positive and he was quite satisfied. He advised me to have hair transplant. Also, he showed me pictures of few patients who were his previous patients. And they had pretty good results. I started thinking to have a hair transplant but still I was worried. So, I started looking about it on internet.

By reading the experiences of various patients with hair transplant and by meeting few of my friends who have undergone hair transplant, I decided that I will have the same procedure. I reached India two days before my surgery and reached Medispa hair transplant centre one day before the scheduled day. My blood sample was taken and ECG was done by a staff member. I was given a shampoo to wash my hairs at night and in the morning of the surgery. On the day of the surgery, I woke up early and got ready. Dr. Suneet Soni drew the same hairline that he drew one day before but with minor corrections. My hairs were washed and some areas were trimmed, and then I was taken to the operation theatre after changing my clothes to scrubs. After sometime the procedure was started by Dr. Suneet Soni. First procedure was strip cutting from my scalp. It was done in an operation theatre. I did not feel any pain. During the surgery, I noticed that there was about 8-9 staff members assisting him during the procedure. After the completion of strip harvesting, I was taken to another room after sometime for FUE extraction of hair grafts. This took about 2 hours in general. After this Dr. Suneet told me that now my hair grafts are being cut by the technicians under 200X magnification to avoid any damage to them. I was very comfortable throughout the procedure and was even dozing off sometimes. After the slit procedure, they showed me the grafts that they had extracted with FUE and FUT. Now, technicians implanted hair grafts into the slits. The procedure started around 8:30 and was completed by 5 pm. The complete procedure was painless and local anaesthesia was administered only once, at the start of the procedure. I was really happy to see my revised hairline after the procedure

Now after about 13 months of surgery, I am quite happy with my results.

I will share soon some before and after pictures of myself with you guys.

Feel free to comment how you guys think about my results.


Staff member
Will comment once I see your before and after pictures.
Congratulations on your surgery and being happy with the result.


Valued member
Thank you for sharing with us looking forward to seeing your before and after pictures to complement your story