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#BAM No Pills. No Surgery: PRP/Topical Meds (Carlos K. Wesley, M.D.)



Hair Transplant Nurse

This patient underwent an autologous (his own) platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley.

With this non-surgical approach to treating hair loss, he was able to reverse the biologic course of the thousands of miniaturized follicles atop his head and generate more hair fullness. Dr. Wesley previously delivered an in-depth lecture on PRP scalp treatment for genetic hair loss detailing all aspects of this procedure. The benefits and limitations of PRP procedures are described in this video for all interested patients who would like to learn more about this novel therapy.

The patient returned 8 months after his PRP treatment series (involving 2 procedures) and images of the patient can be seen below. Similar patient hair transformations with Dr. Wesley and his team may also be viewed.




Staff member
Definite improvement in hair growth.
Is PRP the only treatment these patients used?


Is all PRP treatments the same or do they differ somehow?