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#BAM Please 'Tidy Up' My Hairline with FUE: Carlos K. Wesley, MD (1441 FUE grafts) NYC



Hair Transplant Nurse

This patient underwent a follicular unit extraction (FUE) session with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley in which a total of 1441 grafts were placed.

The patient’s hair follicles were incubated in platelet rich plasma PRP) throughout the duration of the procedure. This, combined with an ATP-containing storage solution has been shown to enhance survival of transplanted hairs .

As with all of Dr. Wesley’s patients, the patient was NOT required to cut his hair for the procedure. As a result, this patient was able to return comfortably to work and social activities within approximately 7-10 days of his procedure.

The patient returned 12 mos after the procedure and images of this patient can be seen below.


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