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#BAM Revising Another Clinic's Strip with FUE (Hairline/DonorScar) 2337 grafts: Carlos K. Wesley, M.D



Hair Transplant Nurse
In order to repair a poorly-executed transplant performed by another surgeon, this patient underwent a combination of two approaches with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley: a follicular unit extraction (FUE) session in which a total of 2337 grafts (from both scalp and beard) were placed. Only 250 grafts sprinkle on crown and about 100 added to cover the donor scar.

His hair follicles were incubated in autologous (his own) platelet rich plasma (PRP) throughout the duration of the procedure. This, combined with an ATP-containing storage solution has been shown to enhance survival of transplanted hairs.

Rather than a larger FUE punch used by a robotic approach, Dr. Wesley used a smaller caliber hand-held motorized punch to performed the donor harvest. This approach better enabled the capture of donor hair roots that are slightly curved beneath the skin surface. Upon completion of the harvest, the patient’s donor area was treated with PRP and ACell in order to not only minimize scar tissue formation but also encourage partial regeneration of donor hair follicles.

The patient returned one year after his procedure and images of the patient can be seen below. This link illustrates the timing of hair growth after surgery. Similar patient hair transformations with Dr. Wesley and his team may also be viewed.


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